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Are you a seasoned bird owner, looking for a source of high-quality, high-value, or hard-to-find bird supplies? Are you new to birds as pets, looking for more information and a reputable place to find birds for sale? No matter what your experience or needs, if you’re interested in birds as pets, you need to visit Creature Comforts.

Our store offers an amazing variety of birds for sale from a large selection of Finches to hand raised baby parrots (when available). The friendly staff at Creature Comforts can help you determine which bird will best suit, your schedule, and your needs, so that you’re matched with the perfect pet. We’ll also be sure that you completely understand how to care for your bird, to ensure that it stays healthy and happy.


One of the most popular pet birds, parakeets give you the best of both worlds. As small parrots, parakeets have the interactive personality of larger birds, but without the space and time requirements of their larger counterparts. 

Adult size: 6-7 inches

Lifespan: 7-15 years


A very social bird, cockatiels love to interact with their humans, whether it is cuddling on your shoulder or whistling to you across the room. Given time and patience, both parent raised and hand raised cockatiels can be a wonderful addition to your family.

Adult size: 13-14 inches

Lifespan: 12-15 years


Creature Comforts stocks a large variety of finches, from the common and small zebra finch, to the larger (by finch standards) and brilliantly colored lady gouldians. If you are interested in a pet bird but not ready for the demands of a parrot, finches make excellent “hands off” pets. Their pleasant chirps and social behavior can add charm and intrigue to any home. Finches are very social birds and can often be housed together in larger flight cages, however, not all species mix, consult your Creature Comforts bird specialist for specific housing requirements.


Another “hands-off” pet bird, the joy in owning a canary comes with their beautiful songs. Aside from being bred to sing, canaries are also available in a number of colors, including the coveted “Red Factor,” with the correct diet these birds will be a brilliant red. While the males are known for their song, females will too, albeit it to a much lesser extent. Either way a canary can add joy to any household.

Adult size: 4-8 Inches

Lifespan: 5-10 years

Hand Raised Parrots

When available, Creature Comforts has hand raised baby parrots available. Hand feeding baby birds makes them much tamer and sociable to their human parents, as they have been conditioned to trust humans through the interaction they get with them while weaning. We encourage you to visit your baby while it weans, which may take anywhere from 2-4months, depending on the birds age and disposition.

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