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Pet Training & Toys

Simply stated, dog training is about building a solid relationship with your pet.  The stronger the relationship you establish, the more responsive your pet will be and the more they'll feel like an integrated member of your family.

Pet Toys

We make sure that every toy we carry at Creature Comforts is good for your pet’s body, mind and soul. Just as important, we make sure our pet toys are also safe for your pet. Whether it’s a plush toy or tug toy, wand or catnip, or chews and puzzles for our smaller furry friends, toys are an integral part of your pet’s natural lifestyle. Regular playtime with their owner provides both physical and mental stimulation resulting in a longer and fuller life. For a full list of brands visit the species "Comfort" page! 


Our Dog Training Products

At Creature Comforts we know that well trained dog helps create strong families.  This is why we’ve chosen to carry a premium assortment of training products ranging from remote trainers, treat dispensers and clickers, to pet proofing products.  Our staff is always available to answer any questions you have about how our pet training products can help your animal integrate into your family in a healthy way.  Check out some of our popular pet training product brands below and be sure to stop by to see our full selection.

Our Featured Pet Training & Toys Brands


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